Voices of Music Fund-Raiser

Voices of Music, a fantastic not-for-profit Baroque performance ensemble of which I have written several times before, is raising money to fund the production of high quality early music performances.

With our IndieGoGo campaign, If Music be the Food of Love, we are raising funds to record a program of songs by Henry Purcell (1659-1695) that will be freely available online. When complete, this HD video recording will be the first time that many of these electrifying songs are available online in high quality streaming video.

They’re looking to raise $4,500 by the middle of October 2011.

Voices of Music has already committed more than $3500 to this project and needs an additional $4500 to complete the budget for recording and production. With your support Voices of Music and Thomas Cooley can create a lasting, high quality performance of Purcell songs that will be freely available to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

If you love early music and have a few dollars to spare please donate to this cause so that society can benefit from this great endeavor (and you will get a free gift). Visit my website for many videos, and visit their website for more content as well as to buy music from their five amazing CDs.

For More Information and to Donate, Click Here

Thank you!