An Evening of Mongolian Entertainment

Pop a bottle of wine, clear an half of an hour from distraction, and join me on a wonderful feast for the eyes and ears: a two-part tour of Mongolian folk music.

Instead of embedding all of the videos in one, long page, I decided to use a YouTube playlist.  This should make it much easier to sit back and enjoy the music, especially if you are watching this on a TV.

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Морин Хуур – The Morin Khuur

Last weekend, I joined some friends for a trip to the Irving Art Center’s Genghis Khan exhibit.  The further we progressed through the exhibit, the more it seemed it would never justify its $12 admission price.  It had very little on display, and what it did have was mostly modern.  Just when I was about to give up on the exhibit altogether, I heard some live music begin.  Intrigued, I ran around the corner to find a beautifully decorated room containing some very nice pieces (all still unrelated to Genghis Khan without a significant stretch of the imagination), and these two musicians performing:

I was immediately enraptured by this new type of fiddle, as well as confused by the way it was stopped.

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