Ft. Worth Japanese Garden – Explorations of Nature

I have absolutely no experience nor even a predisposition to photography.  However, I have become quite comfortable with landscape shots as I have have been taking pictures of the Fort Worth Japanese gardens.  Recently, I took this image of ginkgo leaves.

I decided to try my hand at taking portraits of interesting objects around the gardens.

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Ft. Worth Japanese Garden – Summer

Ft. Worth, TX is home to an incredible treasure: the Japanese Garden at the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens. I am saddened that I only discovered this now after living in Texas for four years. As you join me on this visual journey, please remember a few things; I am a terrible photographer, I took these images on a upper-low-end point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot SD1200 iS camera, and that these have not be graphically edited. This place is so beautiful, not even I can take a bad shot.

Please click on any of the photos for a larger image.

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