Forgotten Instruments

So, you think you know everything there is to know about early music.  You have seen every type of viola da gamba, you know the difference between harpsichords, muselaars, virginals, and spinettes, you keep dental floss on hand for woodwinds, and instruments with umpteen strings don’t phase you for a moment.  Well, after my recent post on the Lira Organizzata, I figured I would introduce you to some of the other gems that society has lost, some of which I suspect will be new to you!
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Triakel is Back

Over a year ago we were enticed with the promised of Triakel’s return with the announcement of a new CD in the works.  Well, after a long period of absence, the group has returned.  Their website has been complete overhauled and they released a wonderful new CD (samples available here, can be purchased from  Alas, there is nothing new on YouTube yet, but they do keep their Facebook page up-to-date.

The Drunkman’s Guild To Playing pre-Baroque Music

So, my new book, volume 3 of Monumenta Musica Neerlandica, Vereniging voor Nederlandse Muziekgeschiedenis, MCMLXI, finally arrived.  Besides the catchy title, which came from a time when the average attention span was more than two words, this wonderful book contains the complete Suzanne van Soldt manuscript.  I immediately started playing it on my Hauptwerk Harpsichord.  Since I suck at the harpsichord, I quickly gave up and tried the violin, at which I suck less.

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