Passacaglia Della Vita

Passacaglia Della Vita performed by Marco Beasley and l’Arpeggiata:

The CD is good.  I just wish it were as passionate!

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Sheet Music Update

I have uploaded a half dozen new tunes to my sheet music page, including Ai Vis Lo Lop, La Prima Vez, Ma’oz Tzur, The South Wind, Woods Lamentation, and Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker.  Enjoy!

Chants: Kirtan and Krishna Das

In Hinduism, japa is the spiritual practice of reciting a mantra or the name of a god repeatedly; sometimes hundreds of times.  At some point, some brilliant soul thought it would be more fun if others were involved and if it were put to music.  This was the birth of kirtan.*  In this first article in a series on the great music found in various chant traditions we will explore the music of kirtan.

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