Butterflies and Exotic Plants

The Fort Worth botanical gardens hosted a special biennial butterfly exhibit in their conservatory.

Join me as I explore butterflies and a number of exotic plants.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to identify this stunningly beautiful iridescent butterfly.

This is a Blue Mopho.  Why blue?

That is why.  Here is a rare example of one sitting with its wings open long enough for a shot.

This beautiful pink tree is furry.

Here is a closer look.

Well, this pamphlet and butterflies they handed out during the tour is not very useful.  This might be a Mocker Swallowtail.

Well, this one is… Pretty.

Kumquats and butterflies!

So, I am tossing this pamphlet.  It is apparently worthless.

Here is the previous butterfly head-on.

A pretty flower getting ready to bloom.  This is about 4 inches high.

This is a Doris Lonwing feasting on an orange flower.

Another close up shot.

This is a Zebra Longwing.

I am very happy I was able to capture the iridescence of this particular butterfly.

This flower is about the size of a grapefruit.

This is a Great Mormon.  He was approximately 3 inches wide.

And here he is head-on.

A few bright red trees and a better perspective on the conservatory.

Another unidentified swallowtail.

This might be a variation of a Tiger Longwing or possibly a DoorsLongwing.

This one highlights some of the facial anatomy.

A nice bright yellow flower to break up the tedium of all these butterflies.

This is a Blue Morpho hanging out on a stone pillar with Mayan carvings.

And just for the record, too many butterflies can be scary.


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