Ft. Worth Japanese Garden – Late Fall

I recently posted pictures from the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens.  However, as the fall continued, the gardens continue to undergo magical transformations.  As such, I have decided to post another round of pictures.  It is amazing what a few weeks can accomplish.

The Japanese Maples has become the most vivid red, which contrasts sharply with the yellows and greens of the local trees.

The moon bridge, which is featured in my previous seasons.

I only wish a computer monitor could truly present the vibrancy one experiences in this garden.

Even after they have fallen to the ground, the colorful foliage continues to play a critical role in this experience.

A small hut nestled in a fiery maple.

The moon bridge from the other direction.  The gigantic Maple serves as an inspiring centerpoint.

The few bare trees remind us that cold is coming.

The canvas of green serves to make the reds and oranges even more brilliant.

I kind of wish the rescue pole was not in the middle of this picture!

This view through the forest provided wonderful stripes of green and red.

I took advantage of the rainy day to get a picture of the front entrance without any humans to spoil it.

One of my favorite shots.  Again, you can find this in earlier seasons to see how it is evolved over the year.

One of my favorite pathways.  Who cares where it goes, the journey itself is an incredible experience.

A few of the old stone lanterns.  Imagine these lanterns and winter with their flame delicately lighting the crystalline snow beneath them.

A new vantage point for me.  The red berries are incredibly vibrant and photograph well.

I think this image epitomizes fall.

I find that I am particularly drawn to portrait shots of long paths.

And I shall conclude with my favorite tree.  This time, instead of a lime green is a brilliant orange.


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