Ft. Worth Japanese Garden – Explorations of Nature

I have absolutely no experience nor even a predisposition to photography.  However, I have become quite comfortable with landscape shots as I have have been taking pictures of the Fort Worth Japanese gardens.  Recently, I took this image of ginkgo leaves.

I decided to try my hand at taking portraits of interesting objects around the gardens.

These beautiful red berries start very opalescent and become brighter as the season progresses.

A different type of very alongside of an unrelated flower.

These are the same type of very two pictures up.  However, I particularly love the red trim on the leaves.

These roses were very much in bloom this weekend.

These are red Japanese maple leaves mixed with yellow ginkgo leaves on the path and bushes.

The pedals on this lower are grouped into three pairs.

A female ginkgo tree yellowed by fall.

This ivy-covered branch creates a cute tunnel.

Well, this was not focused on any object in particular.  But, I love the color composition.

This tree lost its leaves early making it bleak compared to its surroundings.

That is a little bird feasting on the berries.

The red spots on these bushes are Japanese Maple leaves.

I believe that is a poplar.

A view of the falls through the trees.

A few ducks swimming across the placid stream.

One of the resident mallards.

The mallard pictured above with his wife.

And the resident blue Heron named Gobler.  I think is color is complemented perfectly by the trees.

A gravel path to nowhere.

Yellow leaves from the tree above resting on a bed of greenery.

A view of the tower to the trees.

Another gravel path.

I love the color composition on this one.  I just wish the metal fence was not there.

2 comments on “Ft. Worth Japanese Garden – Explorations of Nature

  1. These are beautiful…I actually like the fence in the last one!


  2. Ted Young says:

    Thank you very much!

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