Ft. Worth Japanese Garden – Fall

Back in July I posted a series of pictures from the Japanese gardens in Fort Worth, Texas. At the time I promise to post more pictures of the gardens in subsequent seasons. As the leaves start to turn in response to the cooler weather brought on by fall, the gardens have evolved vibrant seasonal colors.

These photos were taken just as color started to dominate the trees. Over the next couple weekends I hope to take more pictures as the colors evolve.

Our resident pair of mallards. The female chases me down for food every morning.

A small hut nestled in the trees.

The sky, trees, Earth, and water all play significant roles in the masterpiece that is this garden.

I am not sure what type of tree the brown one is. I always assumed it was some type of conifer. I will have to take a closer look next week.

It is impossible to take a bad picture at this garden.

The new wintry home of this ancient bonsai tree.

The river as it flows through the hills.

Quite possibly the most inviting path in the world.

The high creek.

The entrance to the garden. I neglected to take a picture of it this summer.

The gardeners placed pots of mums throughout the garden. Originally, I thought this was kind of strange as I rarely associate mums with Japanese gardens. However, as the leaves take color the mums become a vibrant accentuation.

The gardens are full of tightly nestled paths…

…and old buildings in Japanese-style.

Sitting among a sea of pink Japanese Maple is the resident blue Heron Gobbler.

The gardens have many levels.

A small cove in the forest.

My most favorite tree within the gardens.

Now I shall leave you with a video of me feeding the Koi.  Over the last few months I have trained a couple dozen Koi to allow me to hand feed them.  Unfortunately, it is hard to hold a camera while dropping food into fish mouths.  So, the video is not great.

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