Danny Boy and Other Classics

Danny Boy as only the Muppets can do it:

Ode To Joy


Ringing of the Bells

A bunny-beatingly good Stand By Me

Free Range Strauss

I have to admit they have done a good job of keeping up with the times by having Statler and Waldorf watching YouTube videos. I guess kids just can’t relate to a box seat at a theater. I miss simpler times:


2 comments on “Danny Boy and Other Classics

  1. Tim McKamey says:

    I love all these, Henson and company were geniuses! We saw a new muppet movie at Disney World a couple years ago in a new 3D theater. We were about 3 or 4 rows back from the front, and Statler and Waldorf appeared to be sitting in an actual box seat to our upper right, but it was being projected from the screen. It was pretty cool, stuff flying right into your face so you would be trying to dodge all the flying objects.

  2. Ted Young says:

    They were. But, what surprises me is that these were done very recently, long after Mr. Henson passed, and they are still quite well done.

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