Degrees of Separation (Part 5: Back to the U.S.)

Follow me as I take you on a journey around the globe to explore new types of early and folk music, discover amazing musicians, and possibly find something we are missing along the way. In this last part, we finish our journey back in the United States.

We just followed Psalteria’s music to Germany and found some incredible music. But, let’s look back at Psalteria once more. When the group was still together, they had a link exchange with Cantiga.


Cantiga plays mostly medieval and renaissance tunes with a strong focus on improvisation. The core members have been playing for over 30 years, and it shows:

This song, written by their first fiddler, Malcolm Smith, really highlights their ability to jam:

This one is often called their flagship song:

I am not sure where Bob was, but these are two of my favorite pieces:

You can buy their music from their website.


I never thought I would have to write a disclosure like this. But here it goes. I am a volunteer CD salesperson for Cantiga at the Scarborough Renaissance Fair. I don’t make any money associated with CD sales, from writing this article, or in any other way from the band. I wrote this page because I love their music and I hope you will too.

Owain Phyfe

Master Owaine Phyfe tours the country as well performing solo and with groups such as Wolgemut. When he joins Cantiga, they become the New World Renaissance Band.


Here he performs with Wolgemut:

Here is an instrumental jam. I am not sure what the foundation was. But I am glad it is.

You can buy Owain‘s and some of the New Word Renaissance Band‘s music at CDBaby.


It has been so many posts now I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t remember the premise of their series. Two bands, Wine and Alchmey and Cantiga, work across the street from each other at the Scarborough Renaissance festival. Their members often play together.

As a fan of one, it is easy to find the other. And, we may have stopped there. But, by following each band’s music closely, we were able to establish another connection between the two groups that took use around the world and introduced us to even more treasures.

I hope you will take some time and explore your music a little closer. Go on YouTube and find related bands and expand your horizons. YouTube has become a real treasure, even to someone with as esoteric tastes in music as I have.


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