The Night of Baroquen Dreams

What do you get when you cross traditional Turkish dancing with 17th-century Baroque dancing?  One heck of a party!

What do you get when you cross traditional Turkish dancing

With 17th-century Baroque dancing?

You get the brilliant “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme

Composed in 1670, this five act ballet is a result of the combined brilliance of Molière and Jean-Baptiste Lully.

One of the most remarkable performances of this ballet is by the brilliant Le Poème Harmonique:

Le Poème Harmonique, led by Vincent Dumestre, re-create 17th-century music and performance using period instruments and techniques.

Their music can be purchased from Amazon.

The Party

I made this play the centerpiece of a party I threw a few weekends ago called The Night of Baroquen Dreams.  Basically, it involves a few of us lovers of early music getting drunk, staying up all night, watching this performance, attempting to play music from this performance, being too drunk to play music well, and falling back to scouring YouTube for incredible music.

The party went very well.  The key to the party’s success was definitely the use of technology to allow us to enjoy the media and the Internet from the comfort of my living room.  If you’re ever interested in throwing a media-based party such as this, make sure you read this article on how we did it.

There is just so much beautiful music to enjoy.


One comment on “The Night of Baroquen Dreams

  1. Jeff says:

    Best. Party. Ever.

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