Degrees of Separation (Part 3: The Balkans)

Follow me as I take you on a journey around the globe to explore new types of early and folk music, discover amazing musicians, and possibly find something we are missing along the way.  In this third part, we move on to the Balkan region.

In my previous post we discovered some amazing talent in Sweden.  But, its time to move on.

When I first started this path myself, I did what I often do when I find a song I love; I looked to see who else recorded it.  The tune, Vänner och Fränder (which lead us to Garmarna), had only been recorded a few times (to be fair, I should say there were only a few recordings available through Amazon).  Of the six, two were from Garmarna, one is absolutely terrible, two are OK (but the artists were not particularly inspiring) and one was from BraAgas.


The silly thing is I have been a stalker fan of BraAgas since they were founded; but I never heard them sing that.  Well, it turns out it is the last song on their most recent (at the time) CD, which I had only just received and was sitting on my iPod waiting for me to listen to it.

These beautiful ladies (and there are actually four of them) are from Praha, Česko.  They play a variety of medieval and folk music from throughout Europe.

Unfortunately (and you will read this too often in this article), their first two CDs are not available in the US.  If you want copies in the US, be prepared to draft an international bank check and contact them via email.  There latest one can be purchased digitally at Amazon.

Please, if you ever make a CD make it available internationally.  It is so easy thanks to the likes of CDBaby and others.


BraAgas is one of two siblings that sprung from the loins of a group called Psalteria:

Psalteria performed medieval and folk, with a particular focus on Sephardic:

They had a very similar sound to BraAgas (although that is changing as BraAgas continue to grow and develop):

The band broke up in 2006 (resulting in the formation of BraAgas and Euphorica).  Their music is still available in Europe.  Their last CD can be purchased digitally at Amazon.


The other child of Psalteria is Euphorica.

Don’t even think about trying to buy their CD.  I have contacted them; but haven’t had any luck yet.  But, there isn’t much more to say about them.  Here is their YouTube channel if you want more.

Let’s take a rest here.  We have a long journey to Germany next time.


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